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Wennesland demands Israel to end displacement of Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem
Wennesland demands Israel to end displacement of Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wennesland demanded, Wednesday, that Israeli authorities end the displacement of Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem.

Wennesland voiced concern about the potential evictions of more Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan neighbourhoods, which he said would prompt violence.


He also called to provide a political atmosphere to resume negotiations in order to realize a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian issue.


Wennesland's said at the UN Security Council briefing came after Israeli forces demolished a Palestinian's home earlier Wednesday, that the main aim is to end the occupation in accordance with the international law and UN resolutions.


"I call on Israeli authorities to end the displacement and eviction of Palestinians, in line with its obligations under international law, and to approve additional plans that would enable Palestinian communities to build legally and address their development needs," said Wennesland.


He also urged all concerned parties to facilitate the project of laying a pipeline to transport gas to Gaza, which would reduce the cost of electricity production and improve service.


He renewed his condemnation of Israeli classification of Palestinian civil organizations as "terrorist organizations", and said that the United Nations continues to gather information in this regard.  


Meanwhile, Eco Peace organization called on the UN council to work on ending the humanitarian and environmental crisis that Gaza strip faces in light of Israeli blockade.  


The director of the organization, Nada Majdalani said that children in Gaza are going through experiences they should not go through, such as cutting off water, electricity and fuel.  


Majdalani called on the Security Council to work to enable the Palestinian people to enjoy their water rights, as Israel seizes most of the water resources.


“The water needs of the Palestinians are increasing as a result of the natural growth of the population, which pushes them to buy desalinated water from the sea at a high cost, warning that the situation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip contributes to fueling unrest and security problems in the region as a whole,” Majdalani said.