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14 Israeli NGOs support Amnesty apartheid report
14 Israeli NGOs support Amnesty apartheid report
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Jerusalem, ALRAY - Around 14 human rights organizations in Israel have lately shown support for Amnesty International after the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) was heavily criticized for asserting that Israel was imposing apartheid on Palestinians.


The 14 NGOs issued a statement after Amnesty International's lengthy report was published last week, stressing their rejection of the idea that Amnesty International's report is “ill-founded, discriminates against Israel or shows anti-Semitic hostility.”


Following the publication of Amnesty international's report, the Israeli occupation’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid accused the NGO of spreading propaganda.


"Attempts to divert attention from Israeli violations and avoid substantive debate by making false accusations are the usual and ongoing practice of successive Israeli governments," said the NGOs in their statement.