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Abu Sisi launches open hunger strike
Abu Sisi launches open hunger strike
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Jerusalem , Alray - Palestinian detainee Dirar Abu Sisi launched on Friday an open  hunger strike in the Israeli prison of Beersheba to protest being held in solitary confinement since he was kidnapped in Ukraine by the Israeli intelligence two years ago.

A detainees’ group said on a statement on Sunday that the other detainees intended to support  Abu- Sisi on his hunger strike by starting escalating steps such as hunger strike.

The Mossad forces claimed Dirar was involved with the political party Hamas, using his knowledge as a PhD qualified electrical engineer to build rockets to be fired into Israel. They later accused him of withholding information regarding Ghalid Shalit, an Israeli soldier who was kidnapped in Gaza in 2006.

To date there has been zero evidence that Abu Sisi was ever implicitly linked to building rockets for Hamas. Even with the release of Ghalid Shalit in a prisoner swap in October 2011, Abu Sisi is still locked up in an Israeli prison under solitary confinement.