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Israel adopts new punitive measures against Gaza
Israel adopts new punitive measures against Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation political level approved a new plan in response to firing rockets towards the Israeli communities surrounding Gaza, by banning the entry of Palestinian workers to Israel, Ynet reported Saturday. 


Israeli political level decided instead of military responds to firing rockets from Gaza, to ban more than 10.000 workers from entering Israel and close Erez crossing.  


The paper noted that this is the first time that the Israeli government has imposed sanctions on the facilities it recently granted to the Gaza Strip.


The paper quoted Israeli military sources as saying that the army has prepared a comprehensive military plan in case of conditions go towards a comprehensive escalation with the Gaza Strip, and that the level of preparedness is equivalent to that which preceded the aggression of May last year.


It reported that Israeli occupation government decided to adopt different security method by practicing civilian pressures on Hamas in the Gaza Strip as preventing thousands of workers from entering their workplaces in Israel.


Researchers in Israeli affairs believe that Israel has gave thousands of workers permissions to work in Israel to use them as a leverage in case of any escalation break out. Israeli security departments believe that it’s difficult to threat one who does not have any thing to lose, so that it gave work permission to thousands of workers from Gaza to use them as a leverage. 


Military analyst Tal Lev Ram commented on the new sanctions, saying It is not the first time that Israel has chosen to try the option of closing the crossings, and that such an option was repeatedly tried during Netanyahu's rule, but it did not achieve any results.