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Palestinian communities in Latin America call for prosecuting Abu Aqleh murderers
Palestinian communities in Latin America call for prosecuting Abu Aqleh murderers
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West Bank, ALRAY - The Union of Palestinian communities in Latin America condemned on Wednesday the killing of Al-Jazeera correspondent Shreen Abu Aqleh by Israeli fires during her covering to Israeli invasion to Jenin.

“We strongly condemned the heinous crime committed by Israeli occupation army against the Palestinian journalist Sherine Abu Aqleh, who was doing her professional and courageous work in covering the events, after the occupation forces attacked the steadfast Jenin camp,” the Union said in a statement Wednesday.

The statement added that the war crime that committed by Israeli army reflects its brutality and criminality against civilians, including the journalists who perform their duty in exposing the crimes of the occupation, and revealing the truth to world opinion.

The union called on the International Federation of Journalists to announce its stance and intervene to file the case of the journalist Ahreen Aby Aqleh and other journalists who killed by Israeli fires to the International Criminal Court, and to hold Israel, its army and rulers accountable for their criminal act.

The head of the union Sama’n Khouri stated that what happened reflects the real image of Israel, stressing that Israel is a terrorist organization that operates in the most horrific way, and kills our Palestinian people. “Whoever tries to reveal its Nazism is being assassinated before the eyes of the world and under US blessing.

The Brazilian Palestinian Institute in the Brazilian capital, Brasilia condemned the killing of Abu Aqlwh, calling for prosecuting the murderers.

It said in a statement Wednesday that Israel killing of journalists and academics reflects its fear of truth and its relentless pursuit to spread her false narrative, and to continue her criminal, racist acts without any censorship.

It added that Zionism is the basis of violence and instability in the world.

“Israel cannot remain the only country in the world above the law, and does not respect any of the resolutions of the United Nations or the International Court of Justice,” it added.

The Palestinian community in Chile strongly condemned the targeting of journalist Abu Aqleh, describing it as a hateful crime and a violation of Palestinian and international press freedom.

Palestinian Health ministry had announced on Wednesday the death of Al-Jazeera correspondent Shreen Abu Aqleh by Israeli fires while she was covering the Israeli invasion to Jenin.

In a statement, the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel held the Israeli occupation directly responsible for the death of Abu Aqila, stressing that an Israeli sniper deliberately assassinated her in cold blood.