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Busy street in USA renamed to ‘Palestine Way’
Busy street in USA renamed to ‘Palestine Way’
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New Jersey, ALRAY - Thousands of people waving Palestinian flags gathered in South Paterson in the USA to celebrate the unveiling of a street sign naming a section of a busy street to Palestine Way.


Paterson City Council in New Jersey in the USA voted unanimously in April to rename a section of Main Street to Palestine Way in honour of the city’s large Palestinian community and its contributions to business and civic life.


“We make history today. Today, everyone, everywhere is Palestinian,” said mayor of Peterson Andre Sayegh to the large crowd of people that gathered on Main Street to celebrate the occasion.


“Palestinians are making countless contributions to our communities every day in the United States of America,” Sayegh added.


Coinciding with the 74th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba Day that took place in 1948, the crowd chanted for the liberation of Palestine and freedom for its people.