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Report: Israeli occupation destroyed 1,032 Palestinian structures in 2021
Report: Israeli occupation destroyed 1,032 Palestinian structures in 2021
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Jerusalem, ALRAY - The Israeli occupation army has demolished around 1,032 Palestinian houses and structures in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem over the past month, a Palestinian research Centre has said.


In its report, the Arab Studies Society's Land Research Centre said that Israeli occupation forces tore down 361 homes, displacing 1,834 Palestinian citizens, including 954 children, and 671 agricultural, commercial, service, entertainment, and religious structures affecting the lives of 5,455 Palestinians, including 2,600 children.


Tubas has seen the highest number of demolitions, with 297 Palestinian houses and property razed by the Israeli occupation military, followed by Jerusalem, Hebron, and Bethlehem


According to the center, sheep pens were among the Palestinian property most targeted by the Israeli occupation authorities, which demolished 216 structures that were used to keep more than 16,400 sheep and razed 93 water wells and cisterns.


The demolitions that have been carried out by the Israeli occupation forces across the occupied Palestinian territories over the last year reflect a surge in systematic demolition campaigns targeting the Palestinian people and their property, the center stressed.