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Israeli court classifies case of detainee Ahmad Manasra as ‘act of terrorism’
Israeli court classifies case of detainee Ahmad Manasra as ‘act of terrorism’
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli occupation court has decided to classify the case of Palestinian detainee Ahmad Manasra as an ‘act of terror’ under ‘Israel's’ Anti-Terrorism Law.

The defense team of detainee Manasra said that this decision is legally and constitutionally wrong and is a clear violation of the legal and constitutional foundations of the local and international legal system, particularly the one relating to children.

On Sunday, “Israel’s” Ramle Magistrate’s Court held a session to review the eligibility of the detainee Manasra for early release.

Lawyer Khaled Zabarka said that the session reviewed the case and heard all the parties, however, it did not announce a decision.

“We called on the committee to refuse to classify Ahmed’s file as terrorism, and to transfer the file to the committee for his early release, especially since he is in a difficult health and psychological situation,” he added.

During his visit to the detainee Manasra on June 16, Lawyer Zabarka confirmed that there were traces of wounds along his left arm up to the wrist, as well as traces of wounds on his right arm.

During this visit, Ahmed did not communicate visually or verbally with Zabarka, and he seemed to show signs of illness and general exhaustion.

Israeli occupation forces detained Ahmed Manasra in 2015 from the occupied city of Jerusalem, allegedly for trying to carry out a stabbing attack.

Manasra was 13-year-old when detained. Now, he is 20-year-old.

Since then, Israeli occupation court held several sessions and issued a sentence of 12 years in prison against detainee Manasra and a compensation of 180,000 shekels. The sentence was later reduced to nine and a half years in 2017.