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Sheikh Salah denies news of his injury by Israeli fires
Sheikh Salah denies news of his injury by Israeli fires
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Occupied Palestinian lands, ALRAY - Head of Islamic movement in occupied Palestinian lands Shiekh Raed Salah denied trending news about his injury with an Israeli fire in Umm al-Fahm.

Social media pages published on Tuesday that sheikh Raed Salah was injured by Israeli fires.


 Shiekh Raed Salah hold on a statement on Tuesday Israeli occupation the whole responsibility of any harm that could affect him due to the incitement practiced by some Israeli media, figures, and pages.


He called on the media platform to be more professional in publishing news.

Media institutions have had to be more professional and enjoys credibility in publishing any news as not to be a mean to spread rumors and misinformation, he stated.


“We assure our Palestinian people and the Islamic nation that his Eminence Sheikh Raed Salah is fine, thank to God, and enjoys good health,” the statement read.


“We will prosecute the parties who fabricated and promoted the news, as this act had a psychological impact on the Sheikh’s family and fans in all countries,” it added.


“The Sheikh continues to achieve the mission of the committees to spread peace inside the Palestinian territories, to strengthen the ties of security and social peace, and to protect the Palestinian Arab and Islamic constants,” it continued.


Some Face book pages and what’s up groups promoted a news indicates that Sheikh Salah was seriously wounded by gunfire, which the Sheikh and those close to him denied.