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GMO condemns Israeli attacks on media outlets as 'violation of international conventions'
GMO condemns Israeli attacks on media outlets as 'violation of international conventions'
Photo for Shehab media office that was severely damaged as Israeli warplanes bombed apartment in a residential tower.
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Palestinian Government Media Office (GMO) has denounced the attacks by the Israeli occupation on Palestinian media workers and offices as a "blatant violation of international conventions that guarantees the protection of media entities and personnel in conflict zones."


In a press statement, the GMO said that it has been following the Israeli aerial attacks on several areas of the Gaza Strip, including residential neighborhoods and apartment buildings, which caused damage to a number of media offices.


In addition to its bombardment of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation army has assaulted and detained Palestinian journalists reporting on events in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem, the GMO pointed out.


According to the GMO, Israeli occupation forces detained early Saturday Palestinian journalist Ibrahim Abu Safiya during a raid into Beit Sira village west of Ramallah.


The GMO called on all media organizations and human rights groups, including the UN Human Rights Council and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), to condemn the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against media outlets in the occupied Palestinian territories.


Meanwhile, the GMO hailed media workers and outlets for covering the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.


It also urged the international community to pressure the Israeli occupation into ending its attacks on media personnel and form a UN commission of injury into Israeli crimes against journalists