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Press release: Aggression on Gaza Significantly Escalated
Press release: Aggression on Gaza Significantly Escalated
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Gaza, ALRAY - The “Israeli” occupation has significantly escalated its aggression against defenseless civilians in the Gaza Strip, and targeted in separate incidents a number of civilian houses without pre-warning, leading to the death and injury of scores of women and children.


According to the latest updates, the toll of the “Israeli” aggression rose to 31 people dead, including 6 children and 4 women, and more than 260 people wounded. Nine housing buildings were completely destroyed, and damages were inflicted upon 1,500 housing units.


In parallel with its barbaric attacks, the occupation still imposes a strict closure on Gaza Strip, preventing the entry of fuel, food, and medical supplies. As a result, the sole power plant in Gaza has already stopped, while health services are expected to stop within 48 hours. In fact, Gaza has become on the verge of a humanitarian crisis due to the stop of water pumps, and sewage processing facilities.


In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the international community to immediately interfere in order to stop the “Israeli” aggression on Gaza before it turns into a complete disaster. We also send an urgent appeal to all relevant organizations to provide the critical needs of the strip before the basic services fully collapse.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Gaza- Palestine