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Alliance for Palestine protests in Dallas against Israeli aggression
Alliance for Palestine protests in Dallas against  Israeli aggression
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestine Alliance organized a protest in Dallas, Texas, USA against Israeli aggression against Palestinian people in Gaza Strip and Nablus.  


A number of Palestinian community institutions, and other American institutions that support the Palestinian right, in addition to representatives of minorities and American “left” organizations, and in solidarity with the Palestinian right participated in the protest that organized under the slogan "Glory to the Martyrs" and "Glory to National Unity".


The protesters called for freedom and independence for the Palestinian people, and their right to obtain their independent state, with Jerusalem as its capital.


The politician activist Masoud Khayyat, represent Palestine Alliance, participated in the protest and spoke about the fifth Israeli aggression against Gaza and stressed the importance of resistance.  


Representatives of the Palestinian youth movement also spoke about the steadfastness and sacrifice, while a representative of the Dallas Against War Foundation denounced the role and positions of the US administration and its policies in support of the crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinians, and the use of US weapons to target Palestinians.



In their speech, representatives of the Students for Justice in Palestine organization condemned the siege on the Palestinian people, and the repeated killings and bombings against them.