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Cancer spread in the body of Abu Humaid detainees body, IPS practice medical negligence
Cancer spread in the body of Abu Humaid detainees body, IPS practice medical negligence
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West Bank, ALRAY - Palestinian detainees club revealed information noting that cancer has spread in new parts of the body of the detainee Naser Abu Humaid, including the brain.


The club said in a statement that it is expected that the health status of Abu Humaid will reach this point up to the health information; recent medical report confirmed that the life of Abu Humaid is in danger, since his body is no more able to tolerate the chemotherapy doses, as he underwent reduced treatment sessions.


It stressed that the Abu Humaid must be released as soon as possible in light of the serious deterioration of his health condition needs.


Abu Humaid served more than 30 years in Israeli jails.


Abu Humaid is held in Ramle Clinic prison, which is considered one of the worst prisons, where the prisoners called it the "slaughterhouse", and in which dozens of prisoners were martyred as a result of the crime of deliberate medical negligence.


It noted that all the details of Abu Humaid file specifically, since he was diagnosed with cancer last year, and until now, confirm that the IPS is carrying out a crime against him.


Abu Humaid reached this status as a result of a long trajectory of this crime over the past years, and it insists on continuing to complete it, through a number of systematic tools.



The club held Israel occupation authorities fully responsible for the fate of the prisoner, and hundreds of sick prisoners in the occupation prisons.



It’s worth to mention that 23 Palestinian detainees suffer from cancer and tumors of various degrees, the most difficult of which is the case of the prisoner Abu Hamid.


The prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid was born on the fifth of October 1972 in the Nuseirat camp in Gaza. His struggle began since childhood, when he faced arrest for the first time at the age of 11 and a half. He also was seriously injured by Israeli fires.


He was subjected to the first arrest before the 1987 uprising and spent four months. He was arrested again and the occupation sentenced him to two and a half years in prison. He was released to be re-arrested for the third time in 1990, and the occupation sentenced him to life imprisonment. He spent four years of his sentence where he was released with the releases that were made as part of the negotiations, he was re-arrested in 1996 and spent three years.