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1.3 million Palestinian children faces challenges in returning to schools
1.3 million Palestinian children faces challenges in returning to schools
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 West Bank, ALRAY - More than 1.3 million Palestinian children in West Bank, east Jerusalem, and Gaza strip returned to schools, facing challenges that many of their peers around the world cannot imagine, UNICEF stated.


United Nation International Children’s Emergency Fund explained in a statement on Tuesday that 20 Palestinian children killed in West Bank at the biggening of this year comparing to 12 killed last year. About 56 demolishing orders against schools in West Bank and east Jerusalem, where more than 6,400 children study, were suspended.


During the first term of 2022, UN recorded 115 violations against education in West Bank, including firing tear gas directly and indirectly towards schools, as well as stun grenades, rubber bullets, scaring students with Israeli army and settlers, arrests, and restrictions on movement that prevent students from reaching their classrooms, affecting about 8,000 students, increasing the risk of dropping out of school, it added.




17 Palestinian children were killed during the last Israeli aggression against Gaza, schools are overcrowded with students, 65% of schools work on double shift, adding to that child in Gaza face difficult life conditions, including those who have experienced four instances of escalation of hostilities during their lives, which increased the need for specialized psychosocial support services, the statement said.


“Despite the challenges, the rate of youth who could read and write exceeds 99%, while 93% of children pass the primary education and move to the secondary schools,” the statement pointed.


Children in Palestine have the ability and motivation to learn, and to work together to draw new paths of development to change their lives, they are the leaders of tomorrow, and we must do more to protect and support them, because children should not be exposed to violence or exploited for any purpose, the statement read.