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After 7 years of imprisonment, Palestinian psychiatrist is able to meet Manasra
After 7 years of imprisonment, Palestinian psychiatrist is able to meet Manasra
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - After seven years of Ahmad Manasra imprison, Palestine-Global mental health network and legal defense staff were able to allow Palestinian psychiatrist to see Manasra and evaluate his clinical status.


The network and the legal defense staff issued a joint statement on Tuesday regarding Manasra condition up to the report of psychiatrist.


The report noted that the mental health condition of Manasra is very critical, during the session, it was found that there were deep psychological effects on Ahmed, which began with the head injury he suffered when he was arrested in a barbaric manner at his early age.



“Imprisonment, frequently held in solitary confinement, psychological abuse and neglect that he suffers of during the long period of captivity had aggravated his mental health condition,” the statement noted.


The psychiatrist noted that IPS measures are in no way commensurate with Ahmed's condition and his health or psychological needs.


“There is a clear and willful neglect of his condition, the most important of which is the denial of a safe childhood and a natural environment, and depriving him from all sources of support for a healthy development,” he stressed.


He added, "Although there are clear signs of Ahmed's urgent need for holistic, multidisciplinary treatment, and for a return to a nurturing social environment, he is still held in solitary confinement that exacerbate his condition.”


“Holding any man in solitary confinement for months and even years, as Ahmad, contradicts with all Human and moral norms and considered a torture under the international law which forbids it altogether, especially for children,” the statement read.


It stressed that Ahmad who is detained and isolated for years, in contradicts with law, still shows a need and desire for human contact.


This an important indication that he is still psychologically resisting all his jailers, despite his young age, but he is very exhausted and in dire need of immediate treatment.


The network and the legal staff demanded the occupation court "to take the recommendations of the doctor and former specialists in this regard, and to release the prisoner Ahmed, who yearns to return to a social life that meets his needs and treat his fears.


It is reported that the representative of the European Union to Palestine, Sven Kuhn von Burgsdorff, demanded a week ago, the release of the prisoner Ahmed Manasra “immediately”, to receive mental health care and the necessary consultations, expressing his concern about holding him  in solitary confinement since November 2021 Despite his difficult psychological state.


On August 16, the Occupation Court in the city of Nazareth extended the solitary confinement of the Jerusalemite prisoner Ahmed Manasra, for a period of six months, despite the deterioration of his health condition.


36 psychiatric experts had requested the release of Manasra, due to his deteriorating health, and medical reports confirmed that he had schizophrenia, as a result of the harsh treatment he was subjected to at an early age.