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Abu Humaid was unable to move to meet his detained brother: the lawyer
Abu Humaid was unable to move to meet his detained brother: the lawyer
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West Bank, ALRAY - Following a visit to the cancer patient detainee Naser Abu Humaid in Ramle Prison Clinic, the lawyer said that he was unable to go out to meet his detained brother Mohammed who was moved to Ramle prison to help him.


Mohammed Abu Humaid noted to the content of the final medical report of Israeli "Asaf Harofeh" hospital, stressing that Naser health condition is critical and the doctors recommended to release him after following the treatment protocol.



“Asaf Harofeh" hospital has handed the final medical report to Abu Humaid last Thursday, after the results of the last medical examinations were issued, and he was returned to Ramle prison.


Prisoner club stressed that his lawyer lawyer will submit a new request to the competent committee for his release, despite knowing the outcome in advance, based on previous attempts that had been made. The expected response was, "Procrastination in appointing a new session, and refusal to release him."


The club noted that in previous years the law was allowing to release the detainees who suffer critical conditions. However, amendments to the laws have excluded prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment, or those sentenced to certain cases.


The club called on all bodies, Egypt and Jordan to work to release Abu Humaid immediately, especially in light of the results of legal attempts.



Abu Humaid is one of 600 patient detainees in Israeli jails, 23 of them suffer of cancer and tumors of different degrees.


The health condition of the prisoner Abu Hamid began to deteriorate clearly since August 2021, as he suffered from pain in his chest, only to be found out that he had a tumor on the lung.


Abu Hamid, from Al-Amari camp in Ramallah, in the central West Bank, has been detained since 2002, and has been sentenced to life imprisonment 7 times and 50 years.