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Coalition of NGOs calls for releasing Palestinian detainees from Israeli jails
Coalition of NGOs calls for releasing Palestinian detainees from Israeli jails
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West Bank, ALRAY - A coalition of hundreds of Palestinian and Arab NGOs have called on human rights organisations and civil society groups, including the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), to exert pressure on the Israeli occupation to release all Palestinian detainees from its prisons and end its policy of administrative detention.

The coalition said that the Israeli occupation is holding 780 Palestinian, including two women and four children, under administrative detention without charge or trial.


In a statement signed by 292 NGOs, the coalition pointed out that the Israeli occupation authorities have issued 1,350 administrative detention orders against Palestinians so far this year, calling for an end to such a systematic policy.


The coalition called for an international campaign to be held in solidarity with Palestinian detainees, in general, and administrative detainees, in particular, as 50 Palestinian detainees have gone on an open-ended hunger strike to protest their administrative detention without charge.


The coalition condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the continued imprisonment of around 4,650 Palestinians in 23 prisons and detention facilities by the Israeli occupation – an occupying power.


Among Palestinian detainees in Israeli prisons are 32 female detainees, nearly 180 minors, and 600 sick detainees, including 22 diagnosed with cancer.


"The continued detention of Palestinian detainees constitutes a stark violation of international humanitarian law, particularly the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions and a war crime as per the fifth paragraph of Article 85 of the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions," the coalition stressed.


The NGOs urged Arab, regional, and international human rights groups and official institutions to "internationalise" the issue of Palestinian detainees and called on the ICRC to intensify visitation to them.


They called for exposing the arbitrary practices and measures used by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian detainees in violation of their rights.


The groups urged that the contracting parties to Geneva Conventions to place pressure on the Israeli occupation to adhere to its obligations under the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions.


They also demanded that the UN fact-finding commission raise the issue of Palestinian detainees with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva and shed light on the Israeli violations of their rights.


The signatories called on the UN and the UN Human Rights Council to hold an extraordinary session to discuss the conditions of Palestinian detainees in Israeli occupation prisons.