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Faction Committee organizes actions to break the siege on Nablus
Faction Committee organizes actions to break the siege on Nablus
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Nablus, ALRAY - After nine consecutive days of siege on Nablus, Faction Coordination Committee announced on Wednesday a series of actions to break the siege imposed by Israeli forces, calling for popular participation.


The actions will start on Thursday by organizing a march at the entrance of the village of Deir Sharaf, west of the city, which the occupation closed with earth mounds and cement cubes.


The committee called to pray Friday praying near the occupation checkpoints, "Hawara" in the south, "Deir Sharaf" in the west, and "Beit Furik" in the east, while on Saturday, a vehicle rally will start towards the Hawara checkpoint, with the sound of its horns.


It also announced Sunday a day of anger for all West Bank governorates in support of the Nablus governorate, and  to call representatives of international and human rights institutions to visit the governorate on Monday, and look closely at the violations of the occupation.


Israeli occupation forces have erected military checkpoints and closed the entrances of Nablus with earth mounds and stone cubes since 11 October, banning free movement from and in to the town and the neighboring towns.


Hebrew media sources reported last Monday that Israeli security establishment is studying the possibility of carrying out a large-scale military operation in Nablus to end the "Lion's Den" groups.


Lions’s Den, Palestinian resistance groups that have been active in and around the city of Nablus, in response to the crimes of the occupation and its settlers against the Palestinians and their lands and properties, which are subjected to almost daily attacks.