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IOF closed Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood changing it to military zoon
IOF closed Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood changing it to military zoon
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces intensified its security measures on Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, changing it to a military barracks, coinciding with the visit of settlers and religious Jews to the so-called "Simon the Friend's Tomb"


Israeli occupation forces closed Sunday evening the main road to the cross road of the so-called “Shimon al-Siddiq’s tomb” at the entrance of Nablus and Othman bin Affan streets, and changed the way of bussed to street No.1.


The closure will last for nine o’clock on Monday. The western roads leading to the city of Ramallah through Beit Hanina, Shuafat and the French Hill towards Sheikh Jarrah will be closed from the intersection of Street No. (1), and the Eye Hospital junction, according to traffic crises.


The Jerusalemite activists Saleh Theyab said that Israeli occupation authorities-imposed Monday evening strict restrictions on the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and erected military checkpoints at its entrances and in its surroundings, to ensure protection for settlers and religious Jews who will visit "Simon the Siddiq's Tomb".


He explained that the closure will include all the roads to the neighborhood, and the road to the cemetery which will hinder the movement of Jerusalemites from in and out the neighborhood.


He noted that the neighborhood is transferred into a military barracks as Israeli police deployed in the neighborhood in order to facilitate the entrance of settlers and performing their Talmudic rituals.


The residents of Sheikh Jarrah fear that settlers will carry out attacks against them especially as the neighborhood is constantly exposed to a fierce settlement attack, punctuated by incursions, arrests, beatings and abuse, with the aim of restricting its residents and pushing them to emigrate and leave.


The Jerusalemite activist stressed that the occupation authorities are seeking to Judaize Sheikh Jarrah and implement dozens of settlement projects in it, in order to besiege and control it, and double the number of settlers there.