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US activists call to boycott CEMEX company
US activists call to boycott CEMEX company
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West Bank, ALRAY - US human right activists called on Sunday to boycott CEMEX company in Mexico, because of it’s contributing to the construction of the separation wall and racist expansion, which seizes Palestinian lands.

The activists’ call to boycott the company, which has concrete factories in the occupied Palestinian territories, based on the international law and resolutions and to Security Council Resolution 2334 which Israel totally ignored.


 They called the countries, which the company has branches in it, exceed 100 countries, to take legal procedures to punish the company and force it to stop contributing to build the wall and illegal settlements.


The activists noted to the Mexico legal which opposes these illegal practices carried out by the company, especially since the Mexican state has authority over these activities.


Through the website dedicated to the boycott campaign, the activists published the company's sites in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the Israeli checkpoints, bridges and railways that the company contributed to establishing with the support of the occupation army.