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637 Israeli violation of media freedoms since beginning of 2022
  • Gaza News
  • 11:11 02 November 2022
637 Israeli violation of media freedoms since beginning of 2022
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Gaza, agencies-The Journalist Support Committee (JSC) has monitored 637 Israeli violations of Palestinian media freedoms since the beginning of 2022.


The JSC said in a report released on Wednesday that the Israeli occupation continues to pursue its arbitrary policy against the Palestinian media aimed at preventing journalists from practicing their journalistic and professional work.


The Committee indicated that the Israeli occupation continues to detain 21 journalists, including two female journalists, one of whom is ill, it practices the most horrific means of torture against them.


According to the committee's report, since the beginning of the current year of 2022, the occupation forces committed 637 violations, during which they assassinated two female journalists in cold blood, namely Sherin Abu Aqla, correspondent of Al-Jazeera, and journalist Ghufran Wrasnaa.


In terms of suppression of Palestinian content, the Committee documented more than 191 cases of restriction and blocking of accounts, a ban on publication, and complete cancellation of Palestinian activists and media organizations accounts.


The Committee considered that the ongoing violations against Palestinian journalists were a shock to all observers of the state of press freedoms.


The JSC called all international institutions, concerned with press freedom, to prosecute the Israeli occupation and punish it for the direct crimes committed against Palestinian journalists in all Palestinian territories according to (2222) decision  of the United Nations Security Council.


The committee blamed the Israeli occupation for violations against journalists, stressing that the freedom of journalistic work is guaranteed by the law, and no one can prevent or restrict it.

It stressed that the failure to bring the perpetrators of crimes committed by the occupation soldiers to international prosecution encouraged them to continue violations against journalists.



It called on the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to act immediately in considering the complaint filed in the case of the assassination of journalist Sherin Abu Aqla and to hold the occupation accountable for its crimes against Palestinian journalists.


It also called on international and human rights institutions to put pressure on Israeli occupation to release detained journalists and to stop killing them while performing their duties in covering events and crimes of the occupation against the Palestinian people.


Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights protected freedom of expression on the basis that everyone had the right to hold opinions without harassment.