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Hamas mourns Hashash , confirms continuation of resistance
Hamas mourns Hashash , confirms continuation of resistance
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Nablus, ALRAY- The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has mourned Mujahid Mahdi Muhammad Hashash, 18 years old, from Balata camp east of Nablus, who was killed by the Israeli occupation forces during the storming of the "Tomb of Joseph" by settlers and members of the Knesset.


In a press announcement, Hamas stressed that “the heroes of our people will continue to confront the occupation for its terrorist raids on Palestinian villages and cities”.

It added that the Palestinian determination will not weaken until the occupation stops its crimes and their hopes and regain their stolen rights.


The movement attributed the martyrs' families, lovers, and people in Balata camp and supported the  heroic resistance against the occupation forces to confront with all force the barbaric Zionist incursions into neighborhoods, cities, and holy sites, and to teach the occupation lessons in heroism.