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US warns Israel of PA collapse
US warns Israel of PA collapse
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West Bank, ALRAY - US has recently warned Israeli, on a letter, of the consequences of the collapse of Palestinian authority during the next period.

US special envoy for relations with Israel and PA has, during his visit to Israel last week, conveyed a warning massage that US administration fears that the Palestinian Authority will lose control over its areas, calling on Israel to take steps in favor of strengthening the power of the Authority.


“Israel has to take the warns seriously, and to take more measures to support PA status in order to ban its collapse,” Omar said during a meeting with senior Israeli officers including the coordinator Ghassan Elyan. 


Omar believed that the characteristic of the next Israeli army minister plays important role, which affects the relations between US and PA, noting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is well aware of this.


Omar discussed, during his visit, the establishing of civil and economic projects in the areas of PA, in addition to the deteriorating security situation, as he is expected to hold meetings with the leadership of the Palestinian Authority in this regard.