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Toxic wastes from settlements founded in Haris village
Toxic wastes from settlements founded in Haris village
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West Bank, ALRAY - Salfeet governorate revealed on Saturday that hazardous medical waste, smuggled from an Israeli settlement, in the lands of Haris village.

The deputy governor of Salfit, Mahmoud Saleh, explained that immediately after receiving the notice, the Public Health and Safety Committee attended, to take the necessary procedures regarding dangerous medical waste, which is estimated at about 200 kg, and to transport and dispose of it in the proper ways.


“The person involved in bringing this toxic waste from one settlement to the town of Haris was arrested after conducting search and investigation operations , legal actions will be taken against him,” he added.


According to data from the Israeli human rights movement “Peace Now”, there are about 666,000 settlers, 145 settlements, and 140 random outposts in the West Bank.