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American fans express their support to Palestinian cause in World Cup 2022
American fans express their support to Palestinian cause in World Cup 2022
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Gaza, ALRAY - American fans expressed their support to Palestinian cause, stressing that Palestine will be free one day.

The American fans remarks came as a part of their participation in supporting their country's national team against its Iranian counterpart at the end of the World Cup group stage in Qatar 2022.


The fans noted that they are as American citizens believed in the Palestinian cause, despite all the efforts to eliminate it.


“Today is the international day of supporting Palestinian people, we as Americans do support them,” American woman fan said.


“We believe in its right to freedom, and one day it will be liberated, let’s salute Palestine,” she added.


On the other hand, on of the fans said that they as American citizens support Palestinians rights and they have friendship with Palestinian people.


“I want you to know that ordinary Americans support Palestinians, and we are fiends to all and do share love to them,” he said.


“We do believe that you are right,” he added.


The feelings of the masses participating in the Qatar World Cup 2022 towards the Palestinian cause aroused the attention of many, especially the Palestinians who were there, as the Palestinian flags were carried everywhere.


One of the Palestinian fans said: "What makes me happy in this place is that our cause is a just cause.”


The Qatar World Cup 2022 was a space to show love for Palestine, by raising the flag of Palestine by participants of all nationalities and countries, whether on the stands inside the stadiums or even in the streets, in a scene that confirms the Palestinian right to victory and freedom.