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GMO recorded 46 violations against journalists during November
GMO recorded 46 violations against journalists during November
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Gaza, ALRAY - Governmental media office recorded 46 violations against media freedom in Palestinian territories during last November in its monthly report.


The office recorded in its monthly report 32 violations committed by Israeli forces and social media platforms that controlled the Palestinian content, and 14 internal violations.


It recorded four violations committed by IOF and Israeli settlers against journalists, who were shot by live and rubber bullets and sprayed with pepper spray and petrol bombs, they also were beaten by with batons and rifle butts, kicked, dragged, and threw stones at them, while covering Israeli attacks on citizens and all over the occupied Palestinian territories.


It also recorded seven cases of detention among Palestinian journalists; IPS extended the administrative detention against the journalist Mohammed Asedah for the fifth time in a raw as it was scheduled to release him in November, it also postponed the session of the journalist Lama Gousha and renewed the terms of her home arrest, and postponed the session of the sick detainee journalist Dina Jaradat.


It also documented eight cases of cases of preventing and hindering the work of journalists and their coverage of violations of the occupation and events in the occupied Palestinian territories. The report also recorded two cases of storming, and five cases of destruction and confiscation of press equipment.


The report documented two cases of threat of killing, beating, arresting against Palestinian journalists by Israeli forces and settlers in order to ban them from covering their crimes.  


Social media platforms administrations are also committed three violations against Palestinian content under the pretext of violating publishing terms.


Israeli prison services also medically neglected the patient journalist detainee Dina Jaradat and gave her a alternative medicine caused her to accumulate fluids in her brain, which necessitated her transfer to the hospital after her health condition deteriorated.


Meanwhile the report recorded 14 cases of violations committed by Palestinian authority against media crews in West Bank. It arrested seven Journalists and extended the detention of the journalist Yaman Qawareeq, banned three media covering, one of them to cover the popular Palestinian press conference of 14 million, seized one the identity card of journalist, and raided the house of a journalist forcing them to pay a fine bail.


In Gaza the report recorded two cases of beating journalists while taking photos in a sport club.