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Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip
  • Gaza News
  • 07:12 04 December 2022
Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation airplanes waged on Sunday at dawn a series of air raids against the Gaza Strip. 

Israeli warplanes attacked with four missles a resistance site to the west of  the city of Khan Youns southern Gaza strip. Violent explosions were heard in the city as a result of the shelling.

local sources also reported that ISraeli warplanes attacked a farm land in Rafah with several missles.

later, ISraeli warplnes raided on a land in the town of Al-Fukhari, east of Khan Youns sputhern Gaza strip. 

Meanwhile, Islamic movment of Hamas has stressed that it has the right to defend the Palestinian people of Israeli attacks and it will not stand still against Israeli attacks. 

The spokes person of Hamas movement stated on Sunday morning that Israeli occupation increased its attacks against the Palestinian people, noting to the crime of killing the Palestinian youth Ammar Mufleh.