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Jerusalem is under an unprecedented Israeli attack: Al-Hadmi
Jerusalem is under an unprecedented Israeli attack: Al-Hadmi
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Occupied Jerusaelm, ALRAY - Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Fadi Al-Hadmi affirmed on Monday that that the city of Jerusalem is subject to a systematic Israeli attack on all Islamic and Christian sanctities, and infrastructure, in an unprecedented manner.

His remarks came during the preparatory meeting for the International Conference in Support of Al-Quds, to be held next March at the Arab League, in implementation of the decisions of the Algiers Summit, with the Director of the Department of Palestine and the Occupied Arab Territories of the Arab League, Haider Al-Jubouri, on behalf of Assistant Secretary-General Saeed Abu Ali.

Al-Hidmi said that the conference seeks to support Jerusalem by providing qualitative support to a number of vital sectors in the occupied city.

He stressed that the interest of the Arab League and the Arab countries in supporting Jerusalem and the Jerusalemites warms the hearts of the Jerusalemites, who are stationed and struggling the occupying machine that wants to remove the Islamic-Christian presence in the city.

He added that what distinguishes this conference from previous events is that it targets specific cases to provide support for them, in order to achieve a quantum leap for the people of Jerusalem.

He expressed his confidence that this high-level coordination and attention to detail regarding support for Jerusalem will produce tangible results, through the expected Arab support, especially in light of the holding of the conference in Egypt, which has always supported the Palestinian people, and in the House of Arabs, the "Arab League" that unites all Arabs.

He pointed out that the eyes of all the people of Jerusalem are directed to this conference, stressing the full coordination with all the references of Jerusalem such as the PLO, the governor of Jerusalem, the Mufti of Jerusalem, and the Christian clergy.