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Sada Social: 72 violations against Palestinian social media content last November
Sada Social: 72 violations against Palestinian social media content last November
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Gaza, ALRAY - Palestinian NGO, Sada Social Center, reported on Saturday more than 72 violations against Palestinian content on social media platforms last November, including the permanent deletion of 40 accounts and pages from the digital space.


In a statement received by local sources, Sada Social indicated that journalists and media institutions were the most exposed to documented violations, with a rate of 79% of the violations.


Sada Social documented 32 violations against pages belonging to media organizations and accounts of journalists, including those whose accounts were permanently deleted, and 25 accounts of Palestinian activists who wrote about the Palestinian cause.


Moreover, Sada Social stated that the Meta-owned platforms ranked highest in terms of violations, with 61 violations on Facebook and Instagram.


In the same context, Sada Social pointed out that such social media algorithms consider the Palestinian content a tribute to people and organizations that are classified as "dangerous" by Meta.


Sada Social stressed the need to report any violation regarding the right to freedom of publication, or in relation to hate speech or incitement against Palestinians on social media platforms.


In its closing statement, Sada Social stressed the importance of documenting such violations, as well as the importance of being active on digital and social media platforms to convey the Palestinian narrative, stressing the importance of respecting freedom of expression as a right guaranteed by all international conventions.