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IOF detains 17 Palestinians across occupied West Bank
IOF detains 17 Palestinians across occupied West Bank
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained early Thursday 17 Palestinians in different areas across the occupied West Bank.


According to local sources, the IOF detained from Nablus the two ex-detainees Rawhi Marmash and Ahmed Darwish, in addition to Amjad Melitat, Ra’if Khatatba, Hasan Hamayel and Mujahid Me’alla.


The sources added that the IOF also detained Mahmoud al-Najjar and his son Khaled from the town of Silwad in Ramallah, knowing that they are the father and brother of the martyr Mujahid, who was killed yesterday by Israeli bullets near Ramallah, as well as Zeid Sobhi Zeid, Muhammed al-Shenni, and Jude Sobeh.


Moreover, the IOF detained Bajis Abu Kayed and Khaled Abu al-Haija from Jenin, journalist Abdel Rahman Hassan and Khalil Kan’an from Bethlehem, while Sheikh Sa’eed Abu Sneineh and Muhammed Murshid Salhab were detained in Hebron.