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Arab lawyers call to hold Israel accountable for its crimes
Arab lawyers call to hold Israel accountable for its crimes
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West Bank, ALRAY - The Secretary General of the Arab Lawyers Union, Captain Makkawi Benaissa, called on the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the International Criminal Court to open an investigation with the Israeli occupation to hold it accountable for its crimes against innocent Palestinian children.


Benaissa condemned in a statement the crime of killing the Palestinian girl Jana Zakarneh on the roof of her house in Jenin by Israeli fires.


He said the occupation forces continues its terrorist crimes against the children of Palestine in cold blood, as a result of the silence of the international community that does not lift a finger in the face of the occupation's almost daily crimes against the Palestinian people.


He added that IOF killed hundreds of Palestinian children without being questioned, tries to evade its crimes in front of the world, claiming that his killing of the child Jana happened by mistake.


He stressed that claiming the commit of the crime by mistake is a crime itself. If it was not aimed at killing this child, it would have been directed at killing another Palestinian citizen, which confirms the continuation of the occupation’s policy of liquidating the Palestinian people with all its components without distinction between children, women, the elderly and youth, in front of the international community.