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France condemns expelling Al-Hamouri from Jerusalem
France condemns expelling Al-Hamouri from Jerusalem
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - France government condemned on Sunday Israeli expulsion of the Jerusalemite lawyer Salah Al-Hamouri, holds French nationality, has been detained since last March, without being formally charged, considering it a violation of law.

It stressed that it take a number of steps to express its objections to expelling Hamouri, resides in Jerusalem, which is an occupied land under Fourth Geneva Convention.


It explained that it has adopted a number of measures to ensure respecting Hamouri’s rights, and it has taken advantage of all legal measures that he could live normally in Jerusalem, where he was born.


Hamouri has arrived on Sunday to Paris airport where dozens of people and representatives of non-governmental organizations and supporters of the Palestinian cause were waiting for him.  


Al-Hamouri, holds French citizenship, is a human rights lawyer, and he was an employee of Addameer human rights organization.