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3 tenders for Gaza reconstruction projects submitted to Qatari Commission
3 tenders for Gaza reconstruction projects submitted to Qatari Commission
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Gaza, Alray - The Qatari Commission for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip received Friday tenders for three major projects with a budget estimated at $ 100 million.

Director of the Technical Office of the Qatari Commission Ahmed Abu Ras said during a ceremony Friday at the Mashtal Hotel northwest of Gaza City that “the past period has seen many projects implemented by local construction companies.

He explained that the three projects mentioned included “the first phase of Sheikh Hamad Residential City (1060 housing units), and the first phase of development and rehabilitation of Al-Rashid Street project, and the establishment of Sheikh Hamad Hospital for rehabilitation and prosthetics,”

“Receipt of these tenders had been twice postponed due to June 2013 developments in Egypt,” he added.

“The raw materials and equipment necessary to these projects used to naturally enter through the Rafah crossing,” noting that “the suspension of entry of these materials was limited to a few days during the tense security situation in Egypt,”

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Contractors Nabil Abu Meileq hoped to benefit the largest possible number of Palestinian construction companies from the Qatari grant projects. 

He stressed the importance of a steady flow of construction materials through the Rafah crossing, calling on the Commission to announce more bids to help thrive the Gaza private sector. 

For his part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works in Gaza Naji Sarhan praised what these projects have provided to the economic activity in the Gaza Strip, pointing to the large number of employment opportunities.