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Israel worries over construction free trade zone between Egypt and Gaza
  • Gaza News
  • 09:12 27 December 2022
Israel worries over construction free trade zone between Egypt and Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Israel expresses its concerns over the growing commercial activity between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, and the agreements that Cairo seeks to implement with the Strip, especially the establishment of a free trade zone on the border between them, Hebrew channel 12 issued on Monday.  


It claimed on Monday that in the summer of 2014, a military infrastructure in the Gaza Strip was established that posed a security threat to Israel.


It explained that preparations for constructing a free trade zone between Gaza strip and Egypt has already started, that located near Salah al-Din Gate, which connects the Egyptian city of Rafah with the Gaza Strip. The Egyptian company in charge of the construction will finish preparing the land, then paving it, and building a wall around it to prevent any penetration into it.


A free trade zone with Egypt was a dream for the people of Gaza, it will reduce dependence on the Israeli economy and developing the Gaza economy.


It noted that large quantities of everything enter Gaza via Salah al-Din crossing, explaining that Israel already knows this mechanism, but its ability to monitor it is very limited.


Israel expressed its fear of flooding the Gaza market with building materials in large quantities, which might be used against Israel and upset the balance of power within the Strip.


It is noteworthy that Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced a financial grant for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, amounting to 500 million US dollars, after the end of the Israeli aggression on the Strip in May 2021.