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Occupation Court Refuses to Stop the Settlers' Confiscation of Al-Hamra Land
Occupation Court Refuses to Stop the Settlers' Confiscation of Al-Hamra Land
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli court refused on Tuesday a request of the lawyer of Samreen family to stop settlers’ seizure of Al-Hamra land in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood of Silwan, occupied Jerusalem.


Shadee Samreen said that the lawyer of Adam Samreen submitted a request to the Magistrate’s Court, west of the city, to prevent settlers from seizing the land registered in the name of his father, Khalil, on a lease since 1928.


He noted that the request was submitted by the lawyer Saeed Ghalyeh to the court to stop the work of the settlements of the "Elad" and "Ateret Cohanim" in the land of Hamra in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood.


The court refused the request under the pretext that the settlers bought the land in 2004 and the order will be issued in the next days.

It is noteworthy that the land has been leased from the monastery since 1928 in the names of the two brothers, Ibrahim Awad Samreen and Khalil Awad Samreen.

He noted that Israeli occupation police evacuated six Samreen families on condition that they be exiled from the land, including one from his house, were arrested this morning during the settlers' takeover of the land.


He noted that the police releases Fares Awad Samreen, Dawoud Samreenm Yousef Samreen, Mohammed Samreen and Ahmad Samreen on condition that they being exiled from the land for 15 days, and Yoiuns Samreen exiled from his house for a week.


The occupation court extended the detention of the two boys, Muhammad Shadi Samreen ,16, and Medhat Zahda,15, until Wednesday, noting that they were arrested from their homes last night in the Wadi Hilweh neighborhood of Silwan.


The occupation forces, accompanied by sniffer dogs, also stormed the house of the Deputy Director General of the Awqaf Department, Sheikh Najeh Bakirat, and searched it thoroughly.


His son Dawood said that he was surprised when the occupation forces, including the Yamam unit and the district officer, broke into the house, showing the search warrant, they raided it with police dogs, searched the house and destroyed its contents.


He added that the IOF hold the family members in one room and the female soldiers searched the women before leaving the house.

He noted that his father Sheikh Najeh Bakirat was not at the house because he is in Turkey.