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GMO expresses concerns over closing Germany ARD office in Gaza
GMO expresses concerns over closing Germany ARD office in Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - Government media office expressed its grave concerns over Germany TV decision to close its office in Gaza strip and fire all the employees. Considering the closure came in response to the campaign launched against the Palestinian voice in general and in Europe in particular by the Zionist lobby in Germany and other European countries.


The office warned of the consequences of closing and reducing the institutions and the workers in the media institutions, which would reduce and limit the spread of the Palestinian narrative and the Palestinian voice from the Gaza Strip to the world.


Closing the office of the Germany TV has preceded by reducing the number of workers in other international media institutions in Gaza strip.


In light of this arbitrary dismissal and closure of the German TV office in Gaza, the government media office confirms the following:

First: calling the German ARD to retract the decision of closing its office and returning its employees to their jobs.



Second: calling on all concerned press institutions and human rights bodies to stand up and show solidarity with the violations that Palestinian journalists are subjected to, represented in persecution, oppression, killing, suspension from work and dismissal under fake pretexts.


Third: calling on local and international media to reveal the repressive practices that the occupation is carrying out premeditatedly against all categories of Palestinian, including civilians and journalists, in a blatant manner that contradicts all international covenants that guarantee their protection.


Fourth: calling on the international institutions that concerned with  freedom of opinion and expression, particularly the International Federation of Journalists, the Federation of Arab Journalists, and Reporters Without Borders, to take serious and urgent action to stand up to their responsibilities.