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New Palestinian Mandela is free, Kareem Younis
New Palestinian Mandela is free, Kareem Younis
Kareem Younis, released after 40 years.
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West Bank, ALRAY - Finally, after four decades in Israeli prisons the Palestinian legend Kareem Younis released, who was taken captive by the Israeli occupation forces in 1983 and was released today, Jan.5th 2023.

Palestinian ministry of detainees and ex-detainees reported that Israeli occupation authorities released Younis very early at dawn intentionally, without informing his family in advance in order to miss them the opportunity to be released.


IOF raided last night Kareem Younis family house in A’ra town and seized Palestinians flags.


The first thing kareem did after his release was to go and look for his Mom' s grave to tell her that her patience and affliction were in vain, to tell her that from despair and agony, hope is born.


Younis was one of 25 Palestinian detainees whom Israeli occupation authorities have been detained before Oslo accord, and refused to release them around the last decades despite the many swap deals, the last one was in 2014.  


Younis was subjected to a long and harsh interrogation, firstly sentenced to death penalty, then to life imprisonment which was set for him later for a period of 40 years.


In 2013, and on his 30 anniversaries of arrest his father was died, his mother, Hajja Subhiya, continued to visit him in Hadarim detention center, where he is held to this day.


“My mother visited me in prison for 700 times, she was struggle to reach the prison despite all Israeli obstacles,” Younis said, his mother died nine months ago. 


Around the last four decades, Younis participated in all the battles that the captive movement waged, including the hunger strike, which is considered the toughest of these battles, the last of which was the strike in 2017, which lasted for 42 days.


He revealed the details of his release, saying: “The prison was stormed at night, and I was suddenly transferred from the prison to the outside from vehicle to vehicle.”


“This behavior increased my anger until they left me at the bus stations, and asked me to go through it to Ara. I found some Palestinian workers and called my family until my brothers arrived,” he added.


“I do not feel anything at the moment. There is nothing inside me that I feel. I cannot talk about what is inside me and my feeling. Today I breathed the air and saw the sun and I may get used to that with the coming days,” he noted.


Detainees’ affairs indicated, in a statement, that Younes was arrested while he was in university studies on January 6, 1983, after he was charged with belonging to the Fatah movement, banned at the time, and illegal possession of weapons.


Yunus also issued two books from inside prison to resist with his pen the crime of the occupation, one of which is entitled (The Political Reality in Israel) in 1990, during which he spoke about all Israeli political parties, and the second is entitled (Ideological Conflict and Settlement) in 1993.