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Settlement expansion swallows West Bank lands
Settlement expansion  swallows West Bank lands
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israel’s most right-wing government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu plans for settlement metamorphosis by the unprecedented scale-up of settlements in the West Bank.

Israel Hayom paper reported that thousands of settlement plans, frozen during the last two years, will be approved in addition to 18.000 new settlement units during the next months. Hundreds of thousands of settlers will be settled in the West Bank as part of the implementation of the plan of one million settlers. It will also register hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in official Israeli government statements is a step towards small annexation, as it described.


The paper explained that the new government will legitimize settlement outposts including Avitar, Homesh near Nablus northern West Bank, link them to basic infrastructure. Israeli Civil Administration authorities will be transferred from the Ministry of the Army to another, and facilitate settlement construction plans and build new settlement roads.


The paper described this plan as a revolution and a storm to come, noting that this grand scheme came as a part of organizing the responsibilities between Israeli Army Minister Yafaf Gallant and Smotrich the minister in the same Ministry of Army.


Data issued by Israeli rights movement Peace Now noted that approximately 700,000 settlers, 145 large settlements and 140 informal settlement outposts (not licensed by the Israeli Government) are in the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem.


International law considers the West Bank and East Jerusalem an occupied territory, and all settlement construction activities are illegal.