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Israeli settlers vandalize Palestinian properties across West Bank
Israeli settlers vandalize Palestinian properties across West Bank
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West Bank, ALRAY - Israeli settlers have since Saturday evening carried out a series of attacks against Palestinians and their properties in West Bank and occupied Jerusalem. They attacked Palestinian vehicles and closed the roads under the view and protections of Israeli occupation forces.

In Ramallah and al-Bireh a group of settlers attacked Palestinian vehicles and threw them with stones at the entrance of the village of Tayyiba, east of Ramallah.


Settlers gathered in several areas around Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, including the northern entrance to Al-Bireh, Sinjel town to the north-east of the governorate, and the "Delb Valley" road near the village of Kafr Nimah to the west.


In Nablus, settlers gathered at several junctions south and east of the governorate, including the entrance to the village of Beit Furik, near the military barricades of Hawara" and Za 'atara, the IOF also closed the barricades of Hawara and Beit Furik in both directions.


Settlers gathered on the Za 'atara checkpoint, while other groups deployed near the town of Gorish and near the Salman Persian roundabout in Hawara, south of Nablus.


Settlers also attacked citizens' vehicles with stones and pepper gas near the road leading to Madama town, south of Nablus, blocking the road between the cities of Qalqiliya and Nablus.


According to press sources, settlers gathered near Burcan and Getty Avichar settlements that are established on citizens' lands in Salfit governorate and blocked the road between the towns of Kafr al-Dik and Deir Balut, west of the governorate, following their gathering at the Kafr al-Dik roundabout.


According to the sources, dozens of settlers gathered on the main street between the towns of Kafr al-Dik and Dayr al-Balut, raised the flag of Israel, blocked the road and prevented Palestinian cars from passing, and were stationed near the "Avni Haifts" settlement established on citizens' lands south-east of Tulkarm.


In Tubas and northern Aguar governorate, settlers attacked citizens' vehicles at the "Ain al-Hilweh" junction in the northern marshlands.


Settlers also attacked vegetables market stalls at the entrance of to the northern Agwar villages of Ayn al-Bayda and Bardalla and destroyed them.


Settlers were stationed at the junction of the settlement of "Mikhula", which is established on citizens' lands near the villages of Ayn al-Bayda, Bardla and Kurdala. Israeli occupation forces also closed the entrances to the northern and southern city of Jericho.


Local sources confirmed that Israeli occupying forces had closed Jerusalem Street to the southern entrance of Jericho, blocked the northern entrance, stopped and searched citizens' vehicles and checked their passengers' cards.


A number of settlers had thrown stones at citizens' vehicles, with no injuries reported.


In Hebron governorate, settlers attacked citizens' vehicles and homes in several areas, threw stones and fired live bullets at them, under the protection of Israeli occupying forces.


According to sources, a number of settlers of "Kiryat Arf", "Kharasna", "Hafat Jal", "Tilem", "Adora", "Karmi Tsur" and "Hajai", which are located on Palestinian lands and properties east, west, north and south of Hebron, where they attacked citizens' vehicles and threw stones at them under the protection of occupying soldiers, causing damage to several vehicles.