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Palestinians announce strike in Jabal al-Mukaber protesting illegal Israeli demolishing orders
Palestinians announce strike in Jabal al-Mukaber protesting illegal Israeli demolishing orders
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Palestinian citizens of Jabal al-Mukaber in occupied Jerusalem announced Tuesday a general strike protesting the illegal demolishing orders against dozens of Palestinian homes by Israeli municipality.  

The youths blocked the entrances of the village with stones, timber and burning tyres and poured oil on the village's entrances in order to prevent occupation forces from storming the village and carrying out any demolition.


Israel's so-called Minister of National Security, Itmar Ben-Ghafir, had instructed the demolitions of houses in the east part of Jerusalem that have no license to building from the occupation.


Adalah center addressed Ben-Ghafir and the Israeli Government's judicial adviser called for the cessation of demolitions in the east part of occupied Jerusalem and the repeal of instructions issued by Ben Gafir.


The center stressed the illegality of such resolutions and Ben Ghafir's lack of authority to issue such instructions, warning of the consequences of continuing arbitrary demolitions, which constitute collective punishment contrary to Israeli and international law.


On Sunday, Israeli occupation forces accompanied by bulldozers raided Jabal al-Mukaber in occupied Jerusalem in order to demolish the house of the Jerusalemite RatebMater. The house consists of two stories and inhabited by seven members of Mater’s family and his detained brother’s family under the pretext of unlicensed building. 


Israeli occupation forces demolished 950 Palestinian homes and confiscated more than 113,000 dunams (113 square kilometres) of land in 2022 in an effort to expand illegal Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, a Palestinian research centre said.


The Land Research Centre, operating in Palestine, said in its annual report on "Israeli Violations Against Palestinian Land and Housing Rights for 2022" that the Israeli forces have also torched, ravaged, or attacked 18,900 trees, most of them olive trees.


The report noted that 65 of the homes were demolished by their owners under the orders of Israeli occupation forces.