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Gaza municipalities appeal to international community to end Israeli blockade
Gaza municipalities appeal to international community to end Israeli blockade
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Gaza, ALRAY - Union of the Gaza Strip Municipalities on Tuesday made a public plea to the international community to urgently intervene to help the municipalities provide the basic services to the citizens.

“The Gaza Strip has been suffering from the blockade for more than 16 years, which led to preventing the entry of some equipment and essential materials necessary for providing more than two million residents in Gaza Strip with the basic services,” the union said.

It added that the municipal sector has been and continues to be one of the most sectors affected by this siege and unlawful attacks, which negatively affected on its ability to provide the basic services.

“The situation is becoming seriously complicated in light of the scarcity of fund, electricity frequent cut-offs, bad financial situation and the shortage of fuel required to operate municipal vehicles and service stations, the union pointed out.

“A few months later will mark the start of the most destructive attack on Gaza Strip, which was in May 2021, where it lefts tens of residential areas and main streets and water and wastewater networks fully damaged,” it continues.

It added that the Gaza Strip requires more than 50 million dollars immediately for prompt actions to reconstruct the infrastructure sector.

The union stressed that it will not give up and will do its best in order to serve the Palestinian people and ensure the provision of basic services.