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IOF notices 13 Palestinian houses of demolition in Jabal al-Mukaber
IOF  notices 13 Palestinian houses of demolition in Jabal al-Mukaber
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Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities noticed 13 Palestinian houses in Jabal al-Mukaber in occupied Jerusalem of demolishing in the next few days under the pretext of unlicensed building, the Jerusalemite lawyer revealed.

He explained that the decision is prerogatively political, that came up to instructions of Israeli minister of national security Itmar Ben-Ghafir which extracted powers from the occupation municipality over demolitions in the Holy City.


He noted that Israeli occupation authorities have escalated the demolitions in occupied Jerusalem, especially in Jabal Al-Mukaber. There is a systematic and programmed targeting of this city, which is suffering from displacement and settlement, as well as Israel's continued aggression against its people.


The 13 houses that noticed of demolishing came within Israeli Kamenetz Law, approved in 2017, which sets out hindrance conditions for extending orders to demolish unlicensed homes in Jerusalem, according to Jerusalem Lawyer.


He said that about 200 houses in occupied Jerusalem, 130 houses in Jabal al-Mukaber are threatened of demolishing under the pretext of unlicensed building. He stressed that the escalation of demolitions, under the far-right Israeli government, needs urgent protests to confront and stop them.


General strike involved all life aspects in Jabal al-Mukaber in protest against the demolishing orders and displacing Palestinians. The civilians blocked all the town's streets and roadblocks with waste containers from all sides, and set up rubber tires to prevent the entry of Israeli forces and bulldozers of the occupation municipality.


In the past two days, Israeli occupation bulldozers demolished a two-storey building and a commercial facility and bulldozed land in the town.


Israeli bulldozers were to demolish on Tuesday the homes of the Jerusalemites, Ibrahim and Adha Bashir, after notifying them, but the town's closure prevented them.


The lawyer explained that the demolition process accompanied by the incursion of large numbers of Israeli occupation police and special units amid restrictions on Jerusalemites especially the owners of houses and facilities in addition to destruction operations.  


The demolitions carried out as a part of the retaliation and collective punishment policy imposed by the occupation authorities on the Jerusalemites, with the aim of forcibly displacing the citizens from the town and halting its urbanization.


Bashir noted that Jerusalem's neighborhoods and towns are experiencing a dramatic upsurge in daily arrests and raids, pursuits young Jerusalemites, as well as an increase in the pace of house demolitions.


He noted that the situation is no longer likely to further displace people, and this dangerous policy must be confronted, as they began with a full-scale strike, protesting the policy of demolition and threatening dozens of homes with demolition.


He considered that the demolitions constitute a human crime and violate all international laws, so urgent action must be taken to stop them, whether at the popular or official level, and to take practical steps and organize sit-ins in front of the occupation municipality headquarters, as happened previously, given that they pose a threat to all Jerusalemites and their property.


Bashir described the demolition of homes as "a painful and difficult step for Jerusalemites, who are suffering greatly due to the occupation measures, and the worsening economic and living conditions in Jerusalem," stressing that Jerusalemites will continue to defend their homes and thwart their demolitions.


This racist occupation policy, increases the steadfastness and rootedness of Jerusalemites in their city and land, in defense of their homes and sanctities.


For its part, the Israeli human rights organization "Ir Amim" said: "The occupation authorities continue to demolish homes in east Jerusalem, up to calls of Minister Ben Gvir to increase the demolition of illegal homes."


She indicated that since the enactment of the Kamenetz Law in 2017, an average of 117 housing units were destroyed and demolished for a year in Jerusalem.