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MoH: Cancer is third leading cause of deaths in Palestine
MoH: Cancer is third leading cause of deaths in Palestine
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Gaza, ALRAY - Cancer is the third leading cause of deaths in Palestine, Palestinian Ministry of Health said in a statement marking the World Cancer Day on February 4.

The ministry pointed out that 5,320 new cancer cases were diagnosed in Palestine by 2021, including 1,952 cases in Gaza Strip, indicating that these cases showed an increase of 5.5 percent compared to 2020.

It added that breast cancer is the most common type among woman, colon cancer is ranked the first among men, while leukemia is the most common cancer among children.

For its part, Al Mezan Center for Human Rights said that World Cancer Day is observed amid extreme conditions faced by Palestinian cancer patients who experience a myriad of obstacles in order to access essential life-saving medical care.

The center indicated that ‘Israel’ has been preventing the entry of medical devices and equipment into the Gaza Strip, including diagnostic devices, such as interventional X-ray machines and mobile X-ray machines, as well as spare parts needed to repair outdated or damaged medical devices.

It called for an end to all Israeli restrictions on Palestinian patients’ freedom of movement and to immediately and unconditionally lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip, which is the main obstacle to Palestinian patients access to medical care outside the Gaza Strip, and to allow the free entry of medical equipment and devices into Gaza.

Marked on 4 February, World Cancer Day is an international day to raise awareness of cancer, stand in solidarity with and support cancer patients, and emphasize the importance of efforts made to prevent cancer, reduce mortality, and educate about early detection.