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EU deplores killing of 11 Palestinians in Nablus
EU deplores killing of 11 Palestinians in Nablus
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Brussels, ALRAY - The European Union (EU) deplores the killing of at least 11 Palestinians, including one minor, and the wounding of nearly 100 by Israeli occupation forces during a military raid in Nablus, EU High Representative Josep Borrell said.

Borrel reiterated that the use of force must be proportionate, in full respect of international humanitarian law, and come only as a last resort when strictly unavoidable to protect life.

The EU is deeply alarmed by the spiraling violence in the occupied West Bank, calling upon all parties to work towards restoring calm and de-escalating tensions to avoid further loss of life.

It strongly supports the 20 February Presidential Statement adopted by the UN Security Council, and urges all parties to fully adhere to it.

On Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces killed 11 Palestinians, including a teenage boy and two elderly men, and shot and wounded dozens more during a violent military attack on the northern occupied West Bank city of Nablus.