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At once, 1000 demolition notices against Palestinian houses in Negev
At once, 1000 demolition notices against Palestinian houses in Negev
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Occupied Negev, ALRAY - Israeli occupation attacks against Palestinian occupied Negev have escalated faster than ever under the extremist right Israeli government that issued more than 1000 notice of demolishing at once.

Many Palestinian villages that Israeli occupation authorities have not recognized it and even the recognized subjected to demolition campaigns, the most intense was last week.  


The head of the Higher Steering Committee of the Bedouins of the Negev Juma’ Zabarga stressed that the one thousand demolition orders constitute a war against the residents of occupied Negev that suffer of siege and razing.  

“It is clear that there is a decision to end the planning files in occupied Negev, since about 1000 demolition orders were issued arbitrary in most villages,” Zabarqa said.


He noted that Israeli occupation authorities distributed demolition orders in many areas in order not to provoke the occupied Negev people.


Israeli occupation authorities have, in addition to distributing demolition orders, imposed heavy fines on farmers and livestock breeder.

Zabarqa stressed that occupied Negen is in bad need for a popular support to confront the Israeli attack, noting that it must be well studied on the basis of a strategic plan like what happened in the popular uprising in Jan.2022 in Al-Atrash village.


Official and popular activities were decided to take place in occupied Negev after the issuance of these notices. It will organize next week a protest against the escalation of demolishing houses by Israeli forces.


These steps were decided following the demolition of seven houses of Al-Ghoul family despite the fact that all the houses located with the blue line which Israeli occupation authorities classify as "legal" villages.


Heads of local bodies and their members in the south, Knesset members from the Negev, the Steering Committee for the Arabs of the Negev, and representatives of society of the dispossessed villages and a number of civil organizations and civil associations were participated in the meeting. .

The participants warned of the real danger that threat the houses of the people of Negev and even villages ,classified as legal, that located at the border.