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Palestinian women suffer Israeli segregation: Jordanian official
Palestinian women suffer Israeli segregation: Jordanian official
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Gaza, ALRAY - “Palestinian women subjected to hatred, brutality, and apartheid policy pursued by the Israeli occupation authorities against the Palestinian people,” Secretary-General of the Royal Committee for Jerusalem Affairs Abdullah Kanaan said on International Women’s Day.


Jordan News Agency, Petra quoted him as saying that” women across Palestine defends its existence, identity, land, and sanctities in front of the most heinous occupation known in modern times.”


The Whole world celebrates on March 8th of every year the International Women’s Day.


Kanaan shed the lights on the conditions of Palestinian women detainees in Damon Israeli jail, whom IPS deprived of calling their families, disabling the TV, so as to isolate them from the outside world.


He explained that Israeli occupation policy based on preventing the publication of any information on the Internet regarding Palestinian women detainees in particular and the Palestinian woman status in general.


“Despite that the slogan of the International Women’s Day for this year is “Digital empowerment of Women” , websites and pages concerned with Palestinian women’s affairs are closed and subjected to piracy,” he added.



He said that due to repressive Israeli occupation policy, killing and abuse that is practiced continuously against the Palestinian people, the Palestinian woman has to bear a large number of responsibilities that have been placed on her shoulders, after the martyrdom or arrest of her husband, son or any of her breadwinners, which made many of them lose their right in life, education and living normally


Kanaan called on all international organizations to work hard to support Palestinian woman and save her from Israeli occupation.


 He stressed that the Royal Committee for Jerusalem Affairs calls on the world and its organizations to direct their compass and humanity towards Palestine and its oppressed people.