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Israeli occupation assassinates Palestinian in Talkarem
Israeli occupation assassinates Palestinian in Talkarem
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Talkarem, ALRAY - The Israeli occupation army has killed a Palestinian freedom fighter in the occupied northern West Bank city of Talkarem.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced on Thursday morning that the Israeli occupation army fatally shot Amir Abu Khadija, 25, in Shufa village southeast of Talkarem.

Abu Khadija was rushed to a local hospital with gunshot wounds to the lower limbs and the head, damaging his skull and causing parts of his brain to come out.

Israeli occupation forces broke into Shufa village and surrounded a home before storming it and opening fire at Abu Khadija who was inside it.

The assassination of Abu Khadija raises the number of Palestinians who have been killed so far this year by the Israeli occupation army and colonial settlers to 90, including 17 children and one woman.

Palestinian people in the occupied West Bank suffer from almost daily attacks by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers, resulting in many injuries and sometimes martyrs among them.