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Belgian city of Liège cuts ties with Israeli occupation
Belgian city of Liège cuts ties with Israeli occupation
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Brussels, ALRAY - Municipality of the Belgian city of Liège has voted to end all ties with the Israeli occupation due to its regime of apartheid, colonization and military occupation.

The decision comes in accordance with Belgian laws and the laws of the European Union, for its violations of all obligations towards the European human rights system.

It also comes in light of violating the rules of international law and the decisions taken, especially Resolution (242), issued in 1967, which rejects the seizure of lands by force, and calls for withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian territories.

In addition, the decision is based on Security Council Resolution No. (2334), which considers Israel’s establishment of settlements incompatible with the rules of international law, and threatens the principle of establishing a Palestinian state, in the context of a just and lasting peace.

The decision of the municipality of Liège confirms the support of the Palestinian people who suffer from Israeli military occupation, apartheid regime and colonization, and affirms its support for the boycott movement (BDS).

It demands that ‘Israel’ stop all its settlement activities, including in occupied Jerusalem, and rejects any changes to the 4 June 1967 lines.