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Press release by Ministry of Social Development regarding Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza Strip
Press release by Ministry of Social Development regarding Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza Strip
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Gaza, ALRAY - The Israeli aggression has come as the Palestinian citizens of Gaza are suffering from harsh living conditions due to the 16-year crippling siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, said Palestinian Ministry of Social Development.

It added that according to official data, poverty in the Gaza Strip has reached over 60 per cent, pointing out that nearly 64 per cent of Gaza's residents are food insecure as unemployment stands at 44 per cent.

It pointed out the World Food Programme (WFP)’s planning to suspend food aid to Gaza's poor families from next month aggravates the humanitarian situation in the blockaded territory.

It indicated that despite the ongoing Israeli aggression, the Ministry of Social Development, along with its partner organizations, has provided urgent aid to 94 families, comprising 535 people, whose sources of livelihood were affected by the heavy Israeli bombing.   

Over the past few days, the ministry said, it has also provided $26,100 in financial and humanitarian assistance to 268 families across the Gaza Strip.

It pointed out that the ministry's Child Protection Network has provided psychological first aid to children, women, and elderly people worth of around $20,000.   

The Ministry of Social Development called on all international and human rights bodies to work together towards the following:


  • It called for he provision of international protection for Gazan children, women and elderly people in accordance with international humanitarian laws and the provisions of international agreements.


  • It called on all international and local institutions to provide relief to those affected and to support the vulnerable families due to the Israeli occupation aggression on the Gaza Strip.


  • It called on the World Food Programme (WFP) to stop its decision on depriving Gazan families in need of foodstuffs scheduled for the first of June.


  • It called on the WFP’s partners to mobilize international efforts to provide funding for the WFP.


  • It called on the European Union, the World Bank and the Palestinian Authority to provide periodical payments to the poor and needy families.