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The Unbreakable Bond: A Tale of Loss, Resilience, and Hope in Gaza
The Unbreakable Bond: A Tale of Loss, Resilience, and Hope in Gaza
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Gaza, ALRAY - In the midst of the recent Israeli aggression on Gaza, Firas Al-Najjar, unable to fathom the reality, still cannot believe he has lost his sole pillar of support in this life to an Israeli bombardment in Jabalia, northern Gaza. They were inseparable, two souls dwelling within one body.

Dependent entirely on his brother, the martyr Abdul Haleem, after being incapacitated by illness for years, Firas and Abdul Haleem were the epitome of unity, embodying the cherished memories of their parents alongside their three sisters.

Firas's aunt said that she cannot fathom how he will manage after losing his brother, who was his unwavering support and assistance in all aspects of life, whether domestic or external.

She recounts how Abdul Haleem would dress Firas, put on his shoes, and carry him on his shoulder to escort him to school. Abdul Haleem not only provided for his brother's needs but also served as the sole breadwinner for their family. Their father, an elderly man, is unable to work, while their mother suffers from multiple ailments.

Although grieving and with a heart on the verge of shattering due to Abdul Haleem's loss, the martyr's father expresses unwavering support for the resistance and revolution against the occupation, expressing pride in his son.

As for Firas, now left without his support system, he will never forget the immense impact his martyr brother had on his life. Abdul Haleem enabled him to attend the nearby mosque and aided him in memorizing the entire Quran.

Despite the overwhelming challenges, the young man afflicted with illness refuses to lose hope, firmly believing that God will provide for him and will not leave him alone.

Israel launched an aggression on Gaza on May 9th, 2023, which lasted for five days. It began with the assassination of three leaders from the military wing of the Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad movement.

The Israeli aggression led to the martyrdom of 33 civilians, including six leaders of the Al-Quds Brigades, and the injury of 190 others, in addition to the destruction of dozens of homes.

In the face of such tragedy and devastation, the story of Firas Al-Najjar stands as a testament to the resilience and hope that persist within the hearts of those affected by the never-ending cycle of violence. Despite the immense loss he has suffered, Firas's determination to carry on and find strength in the memories of his brother serves as a poignant reminder of the indomitable spirit of the people of Gaza.